sooo…. i’m not too big on before and after photos…. mostly because feel the before photos can often seem so contrived. be that as it may… i gotta say that Jenna is j’adorable before AND after!

Jenna wanted a haircut from her long one-length hair to make her different, soft and individual. this beautiful modern pixie does just the trick!

appointments, and confirmations,

hello everyone! i hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful weekend!

i’ve recently received a software update from apple and i just wanted to show you a few things to keep you informed about how your appointments are booked.

below is an example of an appointment i’ve booked for myself. if you receive chemical services… we only send you the First portion of your appointment in order to limit confusion about when your appointment begins.

when we send you an appointment time it will look like this in your email. click accept. i am notified that you accept the event even though nothing cycles through your screen… or you can also reply to this email with other appointment times you would prefer.

below is an example of a confirmation i send 48 working hours prior to your appointment. make sure to look at the start time on the left. appointment starts From 12pm To 12:45pm

i hope this isn’t too complicated. i truly want to make things simple for you all.

as always, thank you so much for your business.

are you hungry?

here’s a delicious little treat of some appetizing colors i’ve been working on these days. how about a spice rack of brunette? or maybe a butterscotch sundae of blonde? have you tasted a delicious rich caramel and washed it all down with the yummiest cherry cola? mmm… i’ve tried ’em all and whew! i’ve got a toothache. :O) enjoy!

holy technology!


have you seen those funny looking barcodes at the bottom of magazine ads or in store-front windows? strangely, i just found out that i have one of these attached to my business.

it’s a qr reader or quick response reader. download for free the qr reader app for your smartphone/iPhone, snap an image of this funny code and go straight the business URL… faster than lightning! get maps, business info and write reviews faster than you ever thought possible.

this stuff blows my hair back. literally.



this just in! …

hello, hello! i just wanted to drop a note to mention the products that i am now carrying in the new salon location.

after a long process of decision making i finally came to conclusion that although I am always trying out the latest and greatest new products… it seems that I consistently have a tendency to go back to my roots. pun perhaps intended. after working for ‘rusk’ for a number of years at the very beginning of my career i’ve discovered number of products that just don’t seem to be replaceable.

i love having my favorites available for you.

and of course i won’t quit blabbing about the bio-ionic tools… so why not carry them? i’ve got the whisper light dryer, the travel size dryer, the one-pass flat iron and their round brushes. what a huge difference these tools make!!

oh yea… there's an app for that!

hi guys,

i’m excited to tell you about my latest and most fun lil project. this goes out to all of my apple product users. so if you have an iphone, an ipod touch or an ipad you can now download my app. how sweet! click here to download for free

get all the latest information from my blog, location, contact info, or even book your appointment  directly from the app itself. i thought this would be a really convenient and easy way to stay informed and in touch and get your MAC on!! whopeeeee!!