short and sassy…

here are some photos of not only my favorite clients, but also some of my favorite haircuts these days. i just love cutting short hair! glossy color and texture give these modern hairstyles dimension. soft and fringy perimeters keep these looks feminine. hope you bask in the sass…. i always do.

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the redder the better

so here’s the deal. i’ve been growing out my hair…for a lifetime, it seems. wow! i’ve gotten bored! i was dying to cut it off. i was looking for great photo ideas, checking out the girls rocking short hair, but i also didn’t want to act too irrationally. just because i was bored didn’t mean that i needed to slaughter off all my efforts of growing this hair. i wanted to maintain long, luxurious locks!!! truth be told i didn’t ‘feel’ like a stylist with my current look. i’m so used to looking ‘edgy’ or whatever you want to call it and was feeling fooey that i didn’t. so what do i do? i do a blog on bangs. yea, that’s what i do! so now i have more bangs and they are great! life is pretty good. nothing traumatic is going on… but, still, i’ve had it with my hair! why??? so i get the brazilian blowout and i think, ‘wow! my hair is so shiny, healthy and manageable! i love it!’…. but i hate it. have you been here before??? i’m a gal who has worn very short hair most of my life and while i love, love love short hair… i just don’t feel that it is ‘me’ right now. i don’t want to cut my hair off! so as you can assume i opt to color my way out of this situation and i couldn’t be happier that i did. really, this time!!! check it out.

lisa turley sachi salon red hairthe redder the better, ladies and gentleman. hope you enjoy as much as i do. :O)

2010 golden globes

for those of you who were able to catch the 67th annual golden globes, cheers! i really loved them this year. i would like to thank the hollywood foreign press association for including these three lovely ladies as presenters! hah!

halle berry lisa turley sachi salon hairstylist

i’m loving halle’s hair short and spunky again. it gives her youth and i love that it’s a switch up from her last time around being short. fact: short hair is NOT boring.

jennifer-aniston-golden-globes lisa turley hairstylist sachi salon and spa

jennifer is looking fresh and lovely. i want to take a nap in that soft and movable hair, and her color is perfect! i truly feel the photos released are doing her no justice because during the show she was flawless. (especially the giant-sexy slit all the way up her thigh)

kate-hudson lisa turley hairstylist sachi salon and spa

oh, my! i know kate is getting some grief about the length of her dress, but i loved it. c’mon! i wouldn’t want to drag that beauty of a gown on the wet ground either! she looked amazing and wore an up-do the way it should be worn: soft not shellacked.

i love hollywood hair and fashion inspiration… just as much, if not more than the movies. hmm… now, i can’t wait for the oscar’s and grammy’s! woot! woot!

salon life continued…

danielle’s looking fabulous! this short, textured, shag frames the face while allowing enough softness around the perimeter to keep her looking polished and feminine. three different colors of blond were used on danielle to give her plenty of depth and dimension. her hair was finished with a large vent brush and deepshine phytomarine lusterizer by rusk. stay sassy danielle austin.