just sayin'…

so what’s new? for you kitoko lovers i have great news! we have a new 9.8 fl. oz size in a dark plastic bottle with a pump!! oh joy!! this lovely bottle of liquid gold is priced at $51.95 at more than three times the amount of the original bottle. use it up!


i got my hands on it!

whether you wana get the moisture out of your hair, smooth your curls or build volume…. this is the tool you need. they’re hard to come by… but i’ve finally got them in! rusk large vent brush can really help you meet your styling needs. price $21.50

come and get it!

ombré or reverse ombré color… is it for you?

ombré |ˈämˌbrā|
(of a fabric) having a dyed, printed, or woven design in which the color is graduated from light to dark.
ORIGIN French, past participle of ombrer ‘to shade.’

are you feeling it’s time for something new? ombré color is all the rage these days. look in any fashion or hollywood magazine. there’s beauuuuuuutiful!!! and some? not so much. wa wa waaaa… this is about color that is darker at the regrowth, or roots, and slowly fades from that dark color into softer lighter ends or vice versa. so steer away from the two tone. this can be ‘a look’, but to be more versatile and complimentary keep the colors a little more subtle.

i’m much more driven to the softer subtle and sexy flow of color. look at jeannie! she’s glowing, flowing and showing you a beautiful example of ombré color and stylewinder waves.

Just a couple of things…

this just in! brocato dry shampoo, rusk thermal flat iron spray, and I have ONE bionic whisper light dryer special offer… buy the full size dryer and receive the travel size for freeeeee! be the 1st one to pick it up and it’s yours!!!!!

today’s tip… if you really don’t feel like shampooing your hair today, don’t. pull your hair in a pony and wash your bangs. this makes the hair around your face feel fresh and the hair in the back will just have to wait. ;0). and don’t forget the dry poo.

also… cancellation update, THURSDAY THE 4th. message me asap. color/ haircut available. take care brush your hair.

this just in! …

hello, hello! i just wanted to drop a note to mention the products that i am now carrying in the new salon location.

after a long process of decision making i finally came to conclusion that although I am always trying out the latest and greatest new products… it seems that I consistently have a tendency to go back to my roots. pun perhaps intended. after working for ‘rusk’ for a number of years at the very beginning of my career i’ve discovered number of products that just don’t seem to be replaceable.

i love having my favorites available for you.

and of course i won’t quit blabbing about the bio-ionic tools… so why not carry them? i’ve got the whisper light dryer, the travel size dryer, the one-pass flat iron and their round brushes. what a huge difference these tools make!!

condition while you blowdry!

i’m so happy to finally announce that sachi salon is now carrying bio-ionic tools! we’ve just received the whisper light condioning pro dryer at $190.00.

the one-pass flat iron is on its’ way!!!

we are the only salon in the valley carrying these precious goods! i couldn’t be more thrilled!

change your tools and change your hair! seriously.