thank YOU, jessica!

an email like this can really make my day! i really have to say that jessica, as a new client, is an excellent communicator. she brought in a large selection of magazine clippings. (colors she likes, and images of colors that she doesn’t like.) this is a great way to communicate because professional terminology can often be overwhelming and clients can often feel confused about describing what they’d prefer. we took jessica’s hair from a brassy/ash blonde with dark chocolate lowlights to a warm and beautiful brunette with soft and sun-kissed balayage highlights. gorgeous! here’s the email i received the next morning.

from jessica s. :

Hi Lisa,

I cannot thank you enough for the AWESOME and AMAZING job you did on my hair yesterday.

When I got home last night and saw my husband, he said my color looked beautiful and the best he’s seen it. I have received compliments all morning from people in my office even from people who usually do not make any comments. I need to come by and get some of your cards so I can refer people to you. I get so many more compliments when my hair is darker, thanks for not letting me go blonde which I was contemplating.

You under promised and over delivered, which is definitely the under statement of the year!

I love my color, you turned a train wreck into a masterpiece.

I deleted the other colorists from my phone and after being here in AZ for 14 years, I am happy and proud to say I have finally found my new and permanent colorist/stylist, you are the BEST! My only regret is that I did not find you sooner.

Thanks again so very much, you are an angel and I’m also going to check out the yoga classes we discussed at LifePower.

My husband literally just called as I am typing this email to say again how beautiful I looked this morning and how great my hair looks.

Have a great weekend,