thank you, bernadette!

Hi Lisa,

So great meeting you last Wednesday! You have magic shears! I haven’t liked my hair in years and I’m lovin’ it. Today is the first time I’ve ‘fixed’ my hair since I saw you. I usually don’t wash my hair for a few days after a cut, especially if I got it blown straight. So Saturday was my first wash, but I let it air dry. I did my hair curly this morning and I’m so in love with my hair I had to put the dryer down and write you. The color and cut are so fun and the spring in my hair is amazing. I feel like I have so much hair! You are truly talented and I’ve never felt so immediately at ease with a stylist – I had confidence that you “got me” right when we met. Thank you for the great service, cut/color and loved getting to know you and Kayla. Thank you thank you thank you!

See you in June!!!!


client satisfaction is what it’s all about. having someone say that i “got them” right when we met is a huge compliment…. what’s even better is when someone is as open and trusting as bernadette was; it really allows me do what i love to do. she truly “got me”. thank you!