ombré or reverse ombré color… is it for you?

ombré |ˈämˌbrā|
(of a fabric) having a dyed, printed, or woven design in which the color is graduated from light to dark.
ORIGIN French, past participle of ombrer ‘to shade.’

are you feeling it’s time for something new? ombré color is all the rage these days. look in any fashion or hollywood magazine. there’s beauuuuuuutiful!!! and some? not so much. wa wa waaaa… this is about color that is darker at the regrowth, or roots, and slowly fades from that dark color into softer lighter ends or vice versa. so steer away from the two tone. this can be ‘a look’, but to be more versatile and complimentary keep the colors a little more subtle.

i’m much more driven to the softer subtle and sexy flow of color. look at jeannie! she’s glowing, flowing and showing you a beautiful example of ombré color and stylewinder waves.