do you dry poo?

aren’t you sick of shampooing your hair and you color not lasting as long as you like? yup. me too. dry shampoos are all the rage these days and there are many reasons why. even if you’re as greasy as if you just received a jheri curl you can control it with dry shampoos. and if your hair is flat as a pancake… the dry shampoo will perk that up too! but many of you are telling me that you’re having trouble using them…. correctly. so here are a few tips to help you get the oomph and reduce the oil slick.

dry shampoos can not only save you time in the morning….. they can really save your hair. the detergents in standard shampoos and the overuse of styling tools are usually what really end up compromising the integrity of the  hair fiber in the first place…. so putting that off for an extra day or two can help reduce the amount of ‘work’ that gets into your locks. and if you’re one of those ladies that says, “well, i work out everyday and my hair gets too sweaty.”…all the more reason to give this a try. just simply blowdry out the moisture in your hair and follow the steps below.

first~ pick out an aerosol dry shampoo. i’ve used the high end stuff and i’ve used the stuff from sally’s beauty or the drugstore. i honestly haven’t noticed a huge difference among them.

next~ section your hair in about 1 1/4 inch sections and spray the dry shampoo in at the scalp. no need to spray right in your part and also no need to spray from the widest part of your head and lower. got that? stay away from your part, ears and nape.

finally~ massage the sprayed product into your scalp with your fingers. go on!  really rough it up!  this will make the ‘powdery’ consistency distribute through your hair more evenly. if you’ve really overdone it simply brush your hair out with a dense bristled brush.

i’ve saved time, my color, and my hair.  give it a shot and let go of the slicko AND the psycho.  :O)