summer update!!

hello everyone!

summer is here and kicking into full gear!  we’ve had it pretty good so far.  i’m just hoping we continue to get a couple more lovely days like this weekend.  :O)

i have a couple of announcements i need to fill you in on.

first and foremost: i have moved my station to a private suite inside sachi salon.  i am now located downstairs in a lovely spacious room just off the bridal suite and yoga studio.  it’s very nice, personal, and it has a lovely feel. aaaahhhhh…..

so when you check in for your appointment please sign in at the front desk and ask the receptionist to page me so i am aware that you have arrived.

second: i regret to inform you that the java spa coffee bar is no longer in business at the salon. soft drinks, lemonade, coffee, tea and water, of course, are available.  we also have a vending machine with a few snacks too.

next:  starting this week i will be turning off email on weekends and evenings.  so if you send me an email on friday i will be able to get back to you the following monday evening.  and if you send an email after work hours, i will be responding the following day.  as usual, if you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours something may have gotten lost in cyberspace.  so please resend.

also: as you know i routinely send out confirmations 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  please reply to the confirmation and if you do not receive and email or text please contact me to avoid any possible miscommunication.

finally: i am now teaching yoga 5pm every friday at yoga kamala inside sachi salon right next to my new room.  hope to see you there! all levels are welcome.

warmest regards and stay coooool!!

summer tip: before jumping in the pool, wet your hair with fresh tap water to avoid chlorine buildup in your hair and  make sure to rinse your hair of pool water before your hair starts to dry.