the redder the better

so here’s the deal. i’ve been growing out my hair…for a lifetime, it seems. wow! i’ve gotten bored! i was dying to cut it off. i was looking for great photo ideas, checking out the girls rocking short hair, but i also didn’t want to act too irrationally. just because i was bored didn’t mean that i needed to slaughter off all my efforts of growing this hair. i wanted to maintain long, luxurious locks!!! truth be told i didn’t ‘feel’ like a stylist with my current look. i’m so used to looking ‘edgy’ or whatever you want to call it and was feeling fooey that i didn’t. so what do i do? i do a blog on bangs. yea, that’s what i do! so now i have more bangs and they are great! life is pretty good. nothing traumatic is going on… but, still, i’ve had it with my hair! why??? so i get the brazilian blowout and i think, ‘wow! my hair is so shiny, healthy and manageable! i love it!’…. but i hate it. have you been here before??? i’m a gal who has worn very short hair most of my life and while i love, love love short hair… i just don’t feel that it is ‘me’ right now. i don’t want to cut my hair off! so as you can assume i opt to color my way out of this situation and i couldn’t be happier that i did. really, this time!!! check it out.

lisa turley sachi salon red hairthe redder the better, ladies and gentleman. hope you enjoy as much as i do. :O)