to bang or not to bang…

one of my very favorite subjects…. the bang! otherwise known as the new botox or the fringe. ;O)

i love bangs and have been sporting them most of my life. they give great versatility to almost any haircut and can make longer hair that is just pulled into a simple ponytail have a polished style.

do you like them heavy, rounded, blunt, swept, textured, long, short, parted, choppy or asymmetrical?

i like to support and encourage almost anyone who is ready to go for bangs; however, they are a commitment.
so, here are some things to consider when making a decision to bang:

do you have a cowlick?
is your forehead short or long?
what is your face shape?
is your hair straight, wavy or curly?
is your hair fine or thick?
is your hair in good condition?
is it easy to manage?

if you’re considering the fringe, bring in some photos and we can discuss some of your options.

since bangs can be more maintenance, i offer shaping and trimming them in between visits at no extra charge. sweet!


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