testimonial from jamie b.

hey you guys! i know it’s been forever… but i’m back in a groove at work and things are crazy busy. and i’m delighted to be. :O)

tonight i want to share with you an email from a rather new client who came to me with a really unfortunate hair situation. i’m using this as my entry to give you all an idea of how important it is to the health of your hair to listen to the advice i love to offer.

Ok, so you know I have told you that I absolutely love my hair now!  I went out and got the ionic tourmaline hair blower, the phytomarine lusterizer  stuff, and did my hair exactly like you showed me!  Which,  might I add is much easier once you explained it in non-hair person terms.  You’re a genius!

So I did my hair for V-day.  My boyfriend kept raving about the beautiful color of my hair, the bounce, healthy luster, and over-all great quality of my hair.  Actually stopping mid-sentence to compliment my hair!
As we know I came to you with damaged green hair!  UGH!  He told me he just thought I had “bad” hair, thin (perhaps I had a condition that was almost making me go bald), crunchy and coarse (yes, he actually said these words), but he still loved me.  I reacted in two ways:  I almost threw up in my mouth to think I hadn’t noticed how terrible my hair was, and that I have a great boyfriend :).
Well, after just 2 visits to you, he said “you have commercial hair now”!
I can’t thank you enough for repairing my hair, achieving the exact honey butter blonde I have been wanting for years, and giving me an absolutely perfect cut!  I am so grateful to have found you!  You interest truly is in the happiness of your clients.
You are my HAIR HERO!

and jamie, i want to thank you for taking my advice and running with it at warp speed and truly investing in not only your hair, but yourself. what a testament! i’m so grateful to have been able to help you. and i’m thrilled you’re truly feeling gorgeous and getting noticed!! woo hoo!!!