2009 academy awards… and the oscar doesn’t go to…

kate winslet’s hairstylist! what the?!?! kate is beautiful and i love her! she gave the most gracious and eloquent speech of the night, but the hair didn’t quite ‘do it.

lisa turley kate winslet oscar hair


lisa turley lisa rinna

best hair scottsdale alicia keys

so i was totally falling in love with the new lavender/pinky/purple colors that were draping these amazing brunetes (natalie… gorgeous as ususal, alicia… wow! with the new lighter red soft curls) when all of a sudden, LISA!!! what did you do???? this is a perfect example of how the wrong hair can totally ruin a beautiful look.

lisa turley lisa rinna

lisa turley reese witherspoon

and i couldn’t help but wonder what was going with reese. why so matronly?? she’s an amazing actress with beauty with style… why why why?

lisa turley sjp sarah jessica parker

if you know me… you know i love me some S.J.P. i gotta say her dress seemed a little pushy, but it was beautiful. and i loved her soft chestnutty hair…

lisa turley angelina jolie

and now on to my favs… angelina jolie looked gorgeous, as usual. i love that she looked soft and natural even though she worked like a mutha to get that way. her hair was coiffed and styled without being overdone. and if i could make a prediction for my trendy sisters… about 60% of you will be sporting some sassy green rocks on your ears or fingers in no time.

sachi salon lisa turley

penelope looked stunning!!! i loved her dress, her makeup and mostly her bangs!!! they framed her eyes so beautifully. it makes me so excited to see her wearing them rather than pasting them to the side or plastering them back. bangs are here to stay.

lisa turley sachi salon

lisa turley sachi salon

and my favorite hair of the night was amanda seyfried. omg! the most beautiful color of blond, the softest curls, the spectacular shine… i
could go on and on. i loved it! i could take a nap in that hair. lol!
lisa turley sachi salon