change: are you ready?

we heard it a million times last year and you’ll probably hear it another million times this year.   change. however, let’s put politics aside and talk hair…  are you ready for change?   lots of things are going on in my clients’ lives; new jobs, new babies, new moves, and new relationships.  so why not go for it?  i’ve always felt that hollywood dictates what happens in the fashion world, just as it does in the world of hair.  so keep your eyes out for what’s hot.  i love this time of year with all of the major award shows going on.  this is where we get a true sense of where hairstyles and colors are going.  so if you see something you like, save it.  better yet … email it to me and we can do a lil online consultation to see if this could be a great move for you.  if you’re really considering a bold move, please remember  to mention this at the time you’re booking your appointment.  major change can take major time.  :O)