salon etiquette


i get asked time and time again the same questions about what is appropriate for dress, gratuities, and overall salon habits.  and i totally appreciate that.  for those of you who may be a lil too chicken to ask,  i’ve created a little do and don’t list.  take it or leave it.  this is just based upon my experiences in the salon over the course of the last couple decades. so i’m honestly just generally speaking.

~treat a first visit like a first date.  if it’s the first time you’re seeing me, dress how you would if you were headed on any first encounter.  this allows me to get a sense of your personal style, so i can give you a look that works with it.

~be on time.  (or no more than 15 minutes late.)  this will create a huge snowball effect. if you’re late i’ll be late for my next client. and playing catch-up under the clock  all day is so not fun.  plus, i want to give you the best service i possibly can.  time crunching and superior service are like oil and water.

~please don’t arrive for your appointment sick, coughing, under the weather etc.

~do not cancel 10 minutes before an appointment.  and as a courtesy do not cancel within 24 hours of your appointment if you can help it . i always confirm appointments the day before. yet, common courtesy is a 24-hour cancellation. i, like most people in the service business sell blocks of time. time lost is money lost.

~if you’re having color service and  are loving the clothes you have on, please remove your blouse/top underneath your smock.  although i may really like your clothes, i don’t want to have to buy them.  :O)

~if you want to just sit and not talk that’s not a problem.  i would never be offended.

~if you’re happy with your service, it’s generally considered polite to tip at least 15 percent,  but it is always courteous to slip $5 to $10 to assistants.

~if you don’t like your hair before you leave the salon tell me so i can get you taken care of.  as a professional, i care tremendously about client satisfaction. there is no reason to leave for 4-8 weeks wearing a style or color that you don’t like.

~before booking an appointment check my website for services/prices. also note that if you have had a change in your color service, there will also be a change in your color price.  all prices are subject to change based upon length, texture, and desired effect.

~i’m a busy gal. although it never hurts to ask,  don’t call on a ‘bad-hair day’ or right before a vacation and expect an immediate appointment.

~cheated?  fess up. i actually don’t mind if a client has gone to see someone else. if  you’re back in my chair, i’m doing something right. it’s still good to come clean– especially if you’ve had a chemical service done elsewhere, which could cause an adverse reaction to any new treatment.

~this one’s easy.. just relax.  feel gorgeous, get noticed.