supp_calendar20080609here’s a few helpful tips about booking appointments with me. i know i do things quite differently so i have a few suggestions to help keep things quick and easy.

i book via email or text message. i’m at or 602.326.7799

if you’re a first time client, please be sure to include a little bit of information about your hair. if you are limited with your schedule or really need specific times, be sure to include a few possible options so we don’t have to play text or email tag. :O)

if you are wanting to dramatically change your look, please also inform me so i can allow plenty of time for the transformation. if you have photos, send them! i love to get a head start on where we are so i can prepare for where we’re going.

if you haven’t heard back from me in 24 hours, something could have been lost in cyberspace so please resend as i am always on top of my schedule.

i will always send a confirmation email the night before your appointment. if you have not received a confirmation email, there could be an error somewhere. so please don’t hesitate contacting me to authenticate our scheduled time. i’d hate for anyone to arrive at the salon and not be scheduled in my books.

please note: 24 hour cancellation policy.

and as always… if you have any further questions please keep ’em coming.