hair loss, thinning, and alopecia

298x232_lb_hair_losing_stfirst of all, i have to say my  p.h.d is because i’m a Professional Hair Dresser. :O)  so i am obviously no doctor. and more importantly i truly empathize with any of you who may be experiencing thinning or hair loss. my heart truly goes out to you as i can only imagine how devastating and stressful this may be.   i do, however, have some helpful suggestions for you. there is actually hope for you…  as i have truly seen miracles.

the info comes from a website   i only know a little bit about the website and a brief history on mr. cayce.  however, i do know that i have seen results!  the place you can purchase the products is

this is an excerpt of an email from a client regarding the purchase of the proper products.

” The products are by Baar. It is the Pennsylvanna Crude Oil then the Crude oil Hair rinse & then they need to order the jelly. If  your clients Google the name and then call the phone number they can order the products and there is a shampoo and conditioner as well.  The shampoo is called Olivae shampoo and the conditioner has the same name. Again both products by Baar.”

i hope this information has been helpful and if you have any other comments or questions, please be sure to let me know.