did drew draw the line or cross the line?

i gotta tell you… although drew’s hair has been the highlight of many an entertainment news reported red carpet don’ts… i loved it!  and here’s why.   she took a risk. she brought herself back to old hollywood glam. big hair!  i love it.  you know they say the bigger the hair the closer to God.   in my book she’s just a little piece of heaven with that gargantuan hair.  it’s shaped.  it’s balanced.   so what’s the big whoop?  she looked gorgeous.   although that i-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-couldn’t-give-a-fudge-about-doing-my-hair look might be ‘in’… i’m so over it. you’re on the red carpet in hollywood.  people want to be inspired.  and guess what?  drew inspired me to go right out and buy myself a brand new set of jumbo hot rollers. jumbolicious!dbprofile