tools, tools, tools…


what every glamour gal needs.  when i talk tools i’m not talking about the bonehead at the bar begging for your attention.  i’m talking about the fabulous chemically and mechanically engineered appliances and potions that  take your hair from the dull to delicious.


  for starters make sure  you have great shampoo and conditioner.  i’ve found so many great products over the years.  if you really want the bang for your buck, i would have to recommend redken shampoos and conditioners.   they are excellent quality and totally affordable.



it’s a 10 is my absolute favorite leave-in conditioner.  the brand name is rather, uh… umm… generic. (?)  but the product is fabulous and really helps to protect those sorry ends.


as far as styling products go, i really like rusk.  i used to be an educator for the company and i simply just go with what works.  fine hair?  turn four hairs into four hundred by combining rusk thick and gutsy.  hair that needs control and pliability?  use wired.  hair you’d like to see smooth as silk?   deep shine phytomarine lusterizer.  for shorter edgy hair:  use being wild paste and finish with being undressed texturizing gloss.rusk_h51

and for a final finishing touch for luminous shine and a lovely soft fragrance is chi shine infusion.  don’t spray this in your hair.  just mist it slightly in your palms, run your hands together, and gently glide over your ends.  amazing. 


and now for the real tools.  in the last couple months i have stumbled upon the most amazing blow dryers and irons.  they truly build shine and moisture into the hair!  and if you don’t believe me… you just have to try them!   bioionic makes the most incredible heated tools with a 5 year warranty. can’t beat that!  the dryer is called the idry and the flat iron i love is called the onepass.  i know they are a little pricy, but your hair is totally worth it .idry_travel_dryer



brushes that i like are rusk, and cricket.  fine hair and hair that needs lift should be using vent brushes and ceramic round brushes.  wavy/curly hair or hair that needs compressing or smoothing should be using a flat brush or ceramic round brush.  careful not to over brush your hair when it’s wet.  leave the stress somewhere else.  not on your hair.


i hope you have found at least one thing new to help you feel gorgeous and get noticed (gratuitous tagline plug).  and if  you are unfamiliar with any of these products, i have created links so that hopefully you can not only read more about them, but actually find them online.  if you have any questions or comments, i’m happy to help in any way i can… and above all else… take care: brush your hair. :O)


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