Balayage is a technique i’ve been utilizing for 8 years to give the hair a warm and beautiful sun kissed effect.   here’s a peek at the process… hard work lends super soft and blended results!FA20C7F4-EAE6-41E0-A4D3-8588CE051724fullsizeoutput_2161fullsizeoutput_2160

Before ⬇️


jenni… over 4 months later

jenni, my sweet and gorgeous guest came in for a visit over four months ago… today she came in for a Malibu crystal gel treatment and a color gloss/toner… no highlights needed today! she still achieved mega brightness by removing the summer chlorine and hard water buildup! how cool, literally, is this?!?



danielle… one again…

danielle came in for her visit… already super blonde and her hair was over it.  this time we ADDED color… nothing to lighten because she was already soooo light.  by ADDING color and creating dimension, her hair actually looked lighter than when she came in. less can be sooo much more!53D60343-1ED2-4934-A465-50AA8DCD7F00