Kate: an icy cool blonde

As if she could get any cooler… 😎 A One day several hour transformation has been in the works for several months. What has made this successful? Her patience and trust. She had several applications very dark permanent hair color (in her ‘before photo’) and was willing to go through several color removing processes prior to her big appointment today. 

Don’t you wish you were this cool? 

Love you, Kate!

MalibuC testimonial

IMG_3650If any of you know anything about red hair, it is incredibly difficult to maintain vibrant reds between salon visits… My client below had a MalibuC treatment prior to her color service. Four weeks later this is what her color looks like! I think MalibuC  speaks for itself!! When are you going to book Your treatment?!?IMG_3646

Love love love when clients are generous with their time and feedback. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


MalibuC truly speaks for itself!